Autumn Plant Sale


Yarra Yarra Online Autumn Plant Sale is now closed.

For APS Vic Books check the list and how to order here

Contact these sellers directly for their plants:

Mike Williams (Montmorency) 0418 372 262  Check his Facebook page:  Mike’s Native Nursery

Chris Fletcher (Yarra Glen) 0419 331 325 – Plenty of stock. Please ring to make appointment.

Russell Wait 0428 388 211 Russell Wait – Plants for Sale Autumn 2020

SunValley Plants NurserySunValley plant list April 2020: Ph. 0407809012 to arrange a visit to their nursery

Goldfields Revegetation NurseryPlant list April 2020. Ph. (03) 5439 5384 to enquire about purchasing plants.

Natural PlantscapesPlant list April 2020  Ph. 0416239202 to arrange a visit to their nursery.

La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary Nursery – Ph. 9479 1206 to enquire about purchasing plants.

Phillip Vaughan Stall  Ph. 0412632767 or e-mail


APOLOGY TO THOSE WHO BOUGHT MIS-NAMED HAKEAS FROM THE YARRA YARRA GROWERS STALL AT OUR NATIVE PLANT SALE APRIL 2019:  What was sold as Hakea prostrata is in fact Hakea lissocarpha, another prickly but smaller hardy hakea. Similarly what was sold as Hakea pandanicarpa ssp crassifolia is actually Hakea circumalata, & vice versa.