Garden visit in Research May 2017

Lyhn and Gordon took over the three quarter acre property in January 2000.  The property backs onto paddocks with views over Plenty Valley to Mt Macedon.  In the 16 years they have been there they have completely transformed the house and land.

Earthworks were undertaken to create three tiers enabling child play areas, ease of movement and water retention.  The soil used in the garden is largely excavated material from the local area.  The process took many years during which an 11 square extension was added to the old house.

Lyhn says they made it up as they went along.  She enjoys curves and recreated those in the garden. While there have been mistakes they have also benefitted from serendipity.  One splendid example being a neighbour offering them a truckload of enormous rocks which he could not get up his steep drive.  These were adapted into two new ponds using the neighbour’s excavator and an accomplished landscaper.  There were also some problems arising from the bobcat work compacting the soil which meant efforts had to be made to improve drainage for the natives.  They have a combination of exotics and natives in the garden which complement each other beautifully.

Of the natives there are Brachychitons, Correas, Grevilleas, Eremophilas, Hakea francisiana, Melalelucas, Darwinias, Olearias, Acacias and Chamelaucium uncinatum (Geraldton Wax).  The Banksia present are truly superb – B. spinulosa  & B. praemorsa.  There is a recovering B. menziesii in a large pot.  I do believe the flowering Grevillea nudiflora  densely draped all over those large rocks mentioned above was commented on by many who visited.

(Report by M. Ford and edited for website)

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