Visit to a well-designed garden in Warrandyte, Sunday 8th April 2018.

On a pleasant Sunday, members were hosted by Bev and John to a delightful day in their garden, forever preserved with Trust for Nature.
Bev and John outlined the evolution of the garden over the last 40 years with photos of the early stages and also some of
the attending wildlife, resident kookaburras verifying authenticity.

Bev acknowledged Ellis Stones’ influence on her own natural style of design – ‘taking advantage of natural contours, creating rooms in the garden, with a surprise as one walks around a corner where a new vista opens up’.

Soil from the ponds and extra filling was used to create mounds.  Rain water fills the ponds, grey water is used to benefit moisture and shade loving plants such as ferns.  Another notable feature was the use of wildlife boxes built by their son Peter – especially on one enormous spotted gum with several boxes among the reshooting growth.

Where the garden merges with the adjoining State Park, Manningham Council helps with weed and rabbit eradication (a
program involving neighbours as well). This has resulted in the surrounding ground flora being invigorated with 26 different types of orchids.
All in all a rewarding and educational day.  Thanks to Bev and John for sharing their beautiful garden with us.

Among the plants were:
Ground covers such as Schleranthus biflorus, Plectranthus argentatus, Brachyscome multifida, Eremophila subteretifolia, Dodonea procumbens, Correa alba var pannosa (pink).

Poa poiformis (blue grass), various paper daisies, various Anigozanthos, Patersonia, Orthrosanthus and Darwinia citriodora.

Pandorea jasminoides, various Prostanthera and Westringia, Melaleuca fulgens, M. wilsonii, Banksia spinulosa, Acacia vestita, A. baileyana (purple) and A. cognata, and various Eremophila.

Report by Peter Smith

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