Private garden with Billabong in Donvale, Sunday 6th May

Some thirty years ago Bill and Sue had the vision to turn their bare block (former orchard) into a bush garden.  They used the services of Doug Blythe (landscape gardener), who shared their passion and also encouraged them to incorporate a large water feature, which nestles into the bottom section of the block abutting the Mullum Mullum Creek Linear Park.

Granite rocks, gravel and brick paving were used in a flowing, natural style.  The planting was mostly indigenous and has now matured into a natural bush haven for birds and other wildlife.

Last year Sue and Bill consulted with Phillip Johnson Landscapes.  Phillip and his team proceeded to transform their, by now, obsolete concrete swimming pool into a natural “Billabong” landscape.  A natural creek bed, fed off rainwater, winds down to cascade into the larger pool, whilst a secondary pool (former spa) falls also into the larger pool. Large mudstone slabs were craned into position creating the waterfalls, surrounds and the steps.  An impressive landscape – an ecosystem where plants, frogs and numerous other creatures thrive.

Thankyou to Bill and Sue for their hospitality, and for arranging the weather!

PLANT LIST for Billabong, Upper Pond and Creek, provided by Sue and Bill:

Acacia pravissima ‘Kuranga Cascade’, Adiantum aethiopicum, Apodasmia brownii (Coarse Twine Rush), Baloskion pallens, B. tetraphyllum ssp meiostachyum, B. tetraphyllum ssp tetraphyllum, Baumea juncea (Bare Twig Rush), Blechnum nudum,  (Fishbone Water Fern), B. penna-marina (Alpine Water Fern), Dichondra repens, Doodia aspera, Eleocharis acuta (Common Spike-sedge), Goodenia gracilis, G. humilis, Isotoma fluviatilis, Leptorhynchos tenuifolius (Wiry Buttons), Lythrum salicaria, Marsilea costulifera (Narrow-leaf Nardoo), M. drummondii (Common Nardoo), Mazus pumilio, Meeboldina scariosa (Velvet Rush), Myriophyllum crispatum, Nymphaea daubeniana “Dauben”, Nymphoides montana, N. spinulosperma (Showy Marshwort), Ottelia ovalifolia, Pellaea falcata (nana), Potamogeton crispus, Pratia pedunculata, Pycnosorus globosus (Billy Buttons)

Report by Peter Smith. (Thankyou also to Ben Eaton, Miriam Ford, and Jill Lulham for photos, and Miriam for video.)

Note: Phillip will be a speaker this year at our Australian Plants Expo at 2pm, 8th September.  Phillip Johnson has won many awards, including Best in Show at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show (UK).

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