A great garden visit to Karwarra Australian Botanic Garden – Sunday 10th June

This amazing public garden holds over 1400 different species and is set on 2 hectares of bushland reserve.  This Kalorama garden is run by Yarra Ranges Council with the assistance of a Friends group.  It’s worth noting the entry to the parking area and main entrance is not clearly signed.  (Much to my misfortune, Karwarra is also not listed in the TomTom GPS.   😉  Jill)

About 25 of us took advantage of a sunny winter’s day to explore the rich diversity of plants in the garden.  Several well defined gravel and bush paths branched out in different directions.  The plants were mostly well-labelled and the more recently planted areas in particular were ablaze with Epacris, Thryptomene, Banksias, Grevilleas, Correas, Hibbertias, Dampieras and Anigozanthos to name some of those in flower.  The foliage of the Thomasias, Pomaderis, Spyridiums, Melaleucas, Lomatias, Telopeas and numerous pea plants (some flowering) also vied for our attention.

People recalled plants and the copse of now mature snow gums from previous visits.  Lovely mature trees and some of the original canopy date back past 1965 when the gardens started.  Some of the older sections were in the process of being rejuvenated.  There were several old and newer ponds, all blending harmoniously with the surrounding bush. We rounded off the visit with a cuppa in the visitors’ centre, and some of us collecting souvenirs from the small well-stocked nursery.  All too brief.  We needed more time to explore the gardens fully and hear the story of this place and the people responsible.  A place with conservation, garden and people woven together…..not over engineered.

For some of the history of Karwarra there is an interesting article here .

Thanks to Peter for organizing and hosting the afternoon tea.

Report by Peter Smith, Jill & Joanne.

Images courtesy of Miriam Ford and Jill Lulham.

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