A Colourful Native Garden in Research – July 2018

What an amazing, colourful and diverse range of plants to see on a cold but sunny July afternoon.  Our members took the opportunity to visit David and Christine’s garden in Research, which was packed with interesting natives.  David, well-known to near neighbours Agatha and Lyla (whose large garden he kindly assists with), also has an outstanding oz garden which he has been tending for some 30 years.  David briefly outlined the story of his garden, and we set off to investigate.

A large well-established Rhododendron lochiae, an Austromyrtus dulcis and a Macrozamia communis (?) were all doing well by the back door.  Attention focused on the well-formed flower spike of Doryanthes palmeri (Spear lily) with multiple buds on the spike unlike D. excelsa with only one flower head per spike.  Up some rock steps to the top area where local blended in with introduced natives and Templetonia retusa, Epacris longiflora, Acacia podalyriifolia and Eremophila georgei were all flowering.

We walked down the bush path beneath an aged Angophora hispida to the recently redeveloped frontyard.  A large Eucalyptus nicholii and Grevillea robusta stood tall by the driveway with Lasiopetalum behrii thriving beneath and Westringia “Mauve Skies” and W. “Deep Purple” close by.

More Eremophilas, blazing Templetonias, Grevillea “Firesprite”, G. “Honeybird Pink”, G. petrophiloides to name a few.  Up some rock steps to a secluded pond area framed by Prostanthera lasianthos, Melaleuca nesophila and Kunzea leptospermoides, were Indigofera australis, Veronica arenaria, Epacris impressa (pink and white) and greenhood orchids thriving en masse.  Another feature being an Alyogyne huegelii trained espalier style growing thickly against a wall.

The list could go on…..but the clouds were threatening so the group settled for a cuppa, enjoying more of Christine and David’s hospitality before departing with the arrival of the rain.

Report by Peter Smith

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