Kevin Hoffman Walk at Lara, Victoria – 12 August 2018

Kevin Hoffman Walk:  We all really loved this site and yet hardly anyone from the group knew about it. The Walk is an 800m scenic linear trail running parallel with Hovell’s Creek and easily accessible to locals and visitors for a walk in beautiful and inspiring surrounds.  Matt Leach, the gardening supervisor, and Beverley Hoffman (Kevin’s wife) explained the history and generously walked and talked with us as we made our way along, surprised at the wonderful growth and wide range of many favourite plants. We walked in dappled light amongst groundcovers, low grasses and herbs, medium and tall shrubs, many in flower, and a wonderful cover of Eucalypts including River Red Gums planted by Kevin. The 4m Banksias were amazing. Landscaping include sculptures and interesting installations.
It represents over 40 years of landscaping and planting of Australian natives by an inspired and hard working person, Kevin Hoffman. Beverley spoke of how Kevin was out there working away every day, before work, after work and section by section to fulfill his dream.
Now run by the Friends of Hoffman Walk with support from the City of Greater Geelong and Barwon Water, there is enthusiastic community support which ensures that the garden is going to be maintained into the future for all to enjoy. Put this on your list of special places if you haven’t been. It is well worth the effort.  Report: Joanne Cairns. Images: Miriam Ford, Joanne Cairns, and Jill Lulham.

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