Out & about in Eltham, Warrandyte & Watson’s Creek – April 2020

Here is a great selection of images from a garden in Eltham, also some from Warrandyte Kinglake Conservation Reserve, and from Happy Valley Track in Watsons Creek.  These were taken by one of our members, Sue, in April, when we were able to wander locally.

Sue’s garden in Eltham is quite new, just over 3 years old.  She inherited a very old, overgrown, mostly exotic garden and has worked to turn it into a native garden in that time. It is on clay with some steep sections and has large trees in surrounding gardens providing shade in hers. She still couldn’t resist planting a few trees but otherwise likes small plants, grasses and groundcovers.

There’s lots to look forward to when we can wander once again. Meanwhile enjoy your own gardens – gardening is great exercise, and relaxing for the mind.

Images: Sue Gwilym, and Evan Gwilym.

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